Act 0 (version 0.0.3)

To prepare for Act 0, you will need to draft a synopsis of the setting. This only needs to be as extensive as the story itself. At most, this might mean three pages – one with a summary of information and two more about locations. Players don’t need to memorize the synopsis, it is provided … Read moreAct 0 (version 0.0.3)

Action Ranges (version 0.0.3)

Actions are limited in reach and can only affect targets within range. For instance, if a weapon can reach up to “mid-range”, characters that are at long range (and beyond) are considered out-of-range and not targetable by the weapon. Some actions may also be restricted with a “minimum range”, meaning the action cannot affect targets … Read moreAction Ranges (version 0.0.3)

Action Speeds (version 0.0.3)

Quick actions are those that typically have one movement. Ex. “Quick jabbing with fist already in guard position,” “throwing one’s self to the ground,” “firing a weapon that has already been aimed,” etc. Regular actions tend to have two movements or moving parts. Ex. “winding up and punching,” “yelling something coherent,” “interacting with a display,” etc. Slow actions require more than two movements. … Read moreAction Speeds (version 0.0.3)

Choosing Actions (version 0.0.3)

Generally, a character can perform one action (or three small movements) in a turn. Actions with more movements are slower to resolve. Faster actions can sometimes change the conditions in the round, making slower actions more difficult (maybe even possible) to achieve. Traversing from one zone to the next may be done without drawing cards. … Read moreChoosing Actions (version 0.0.3)

CQ StoryHammer Crafting Methodology

Crafting can be done a myriad of ways. It can be as simple as jotting down some notes on paper or as complicated as drafting a book of fictional nations and societies, complete with complex histories, biographies, and geographies. The CQ StoryHammer crafting methodology lies somewhere in the middle. The process is designed so you can … Read moreCQ StoryHammer Crafting Methodology