Resolving a Scene

Aside from reading flavor text or explaining how the scene has changed, the Scene Resolution is when any Experience Points or Flashback points are rewarded to Leads.

Experience Points

For every scene completed, Leads earn 1 experience point. If there are multiple objectives for the scene, players earn an extra 2 experience points per objective. If this scene has a “boss” or some once-an-act event, players earn an extra 10 experience points.

Experience points can be used to create permanent enhancements to their characters though this can only happen between stories. See Experience Points in Chapter 4: Protagonists to learn more.

Flashback Points

Flashback points are awarded to players based on how well they advance the narrative of their character. If a player makes decisions that help progress the story while keeping the actions congruous with their character’s personality they are awarded 1 Flashback Point. The player who manages the best should be awarded an additional Flashback point.