Road Map

The CQ StoryHammer game system is the central hub to Cryptiquest. All Cryptiquest products, from games to podcasts and media (sparked from the branding of those games), starts right here. Cryptiquest is planning to launch the CQ StoryHammer game system in 2020. The following information shows the plan for getting to that launch. You can always see how production has been going by viewing the progress page (please note that a lot of work will be done offline). Please view Cryptiquest’s Road Map to see how the CQ StoryHammer game system fits within the company’s vision.

RELEASE SCHEDULE (updated June 30, 2018)


  • 3rd Quarter
    • Release of “Involution: Fletcher’s Squad” short story (used as a sample, creative vision, and marketing)
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game One” (used for testing the core action resolution mechanics and perk system)
  • 4th Quarter
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game Two” (used for testing action sequencing, zone, and range systems)


  • 1st Quarter
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game Three” (used for testing combat, weapons, and equipment systems)
  • 2nd Quarter
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game Four” (used for testing character crafting and experience level systems)
  • 3rd Quarter
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game Five” (used for testing story crafting and setting crafting systems)
  • 4th Quarter
    • Beta Release of “Mini-game Six” (used for testing creature crafting and system crafting systems)


  • 1st Quarter
    • Launch of First Edition of CQ StoryHammer Game System