Resistance and Armor

Modify Base Trauma Some bioforms will be vulnerable or resistant to specific types of trauma – either naturally or through other means (e.g. clothing, relics, spells, etc.). This modification will be listed as a percentage. Apply this percentage to the Base Trauma (rounding down, if needed). For example, the Ashmite is a bioform that is … Read moreResistance and Armor

Moving Through Space and Time

General Flow Time, Space, and Measurement in StoryHammer As a narrative unfolds, time is often stretched or squashed to keep the plot moving. It would be rather dull if it didn’t. Imagine how boring a novel might be if each scene included every moment, explaining in great detail the nothingness that happens. As the protagonist sleeps, for instance, paragraphs … Read moreMoving Through Space and Time

Assigning Difficulty to Actions

The Target Difficulty is a number used to determine how likely an action would succeed under “average” circumstances and the ability/trait would be used to affect such a number. Step 1. Determine Target Difficulty The Narrator will provide this number. Typically, this is generated by predicting how likely a “generic human” would be to succeed at … Read moreAssigning Difficulty to Actions

Interpreting Actions

Overview The highest card out of the draw is the result. If the value of this card meets or exceeds the target difficulty, then the action was 100% successful. Depending on the action, missing the target difficult by 1 or 2 may still be partially successful. Failed Actions and Perk Cards Usually, a failed action … Read moreInterpreting Actions