An Ability is set of actions that a bioform can perform. By default, humans  have seven different abilities:

  • Communicate – use methods to invoke feelings or understanding in another
  • Labor – use the body to create force
  • Move – use limbs and muscles to move through space
  • Operate – use precision tools or performing intricate maneuvers
  • Think – use the mind to think, compute, and process
  • Sense – use information-taking organs to perceive and research
  • Will – use energy to withstand temptations, trauma, and mental states

For each character, a score is associated with each ability. This score reflects how experienced or gifted one is for the set of actions associated with the ability. For instance, a trained fighter may have a high score in the Labor ability whereas a business leader may possess a higher score in the Communicate ability. These abilities are scored from 1 to 5 for each character (the Generic Human would be registered with a score of 2). These scores are used to determine the amount of cards drawn for a character as they are attempting an action.