Resistance and Armor

Modify Base Trauma

Some bioforms will be vulnerable or resistant to specific types of trauma – either naturally or through other means (e.g. clothing, relics, spells, etc.). This modification will be listed as a percentage. Apply this percentage to the Base Trauma (rounding down, if needed).

For example, the Ashmite is a bioform that is vulnerable to Blunt trauma by 150%. This means that if a blunt attack was to do 12 trauma, the vulnerability modifies it to 18 trauma (1.5 × 12 = 18) before the resistance draw. Ashmites are also immune to sanity attacks: Sanity 0%. If a sanity attack was to do 18 trauma, then the immunity modifies it to 0 trauma (0 × 18 = 0) before the resistance draw (effectively making a resistance draw moot).

Resistance Draws

If a strike successfully hits you, then you make a “Resist Trauma” draw. For most bioforms in most situations, the draw is based on the attack’s Trauma Type:

Trauma Ability Lobe
Chemical Move Marvel
Mental Think Natural
Molecular Will Focal
Physical Labor Correl

The default difficulty is 10.

Depending on the bioform’s armor, there is a chance of partial success. This is typically represented in a set of numbers, similar to attacks. The number on the left is how much to multiply the Modified Trauma by if the Resistance Draw is completely successful (rounding down, if needed). The number to the right of that is how much to multiply the Modified Trauma by if the target difficulty of the  Resistance Draw is missed by 1 and so on. Upon complete failure, the attack is not resisted at all and the modified trauma is 100% effective.

Without any protection, the partial success for Resistance looks like the following:

10% | 75% | 90%


For example, Qulia has just been struck by a Blunt attack with a Modified Base Trauma of 14 and will make a Resist Trauma draw. She has the following attributes: Labor 3, Correl 2. With a score of 3 in Labor, she will draw 3 cards and because she has a 2 in Correl, the difficulty is reduced from the default 10 to 8. She draws a 7, 4, and 3. Her highest card, 7  is 1 number less than the target difficulty, resulting in a resistance of 75% (as 75% is 1 spot to the right of the left-most number in the unprotected Resistance chart). 75% of 14 = 10.5 = 10 trauma (rounded down). The attack ends up doing 10 points of trauma damage to Qulia.