Fletcher’s Squad

A military patrol investigates a strange clearing in the woods. Upon entering the clearing, the squad discovers that it is actually a portal to another world. They become targets of a great threat and fall back; however, only Sergeant Fletcher makes it back to the woods before the portal closes. As she tries to find a way back to her squad, she soon discovers that more portals have sprouted throughout the land – connecting to greater threats.

Involution: Fletcher’s Squad is a short story written to introduce a sample setting for the CQ StoryHammer game system. Involution is the name of the setting and Fletcher’s Squad is the name of this specific story.

  • Involution serves as the “brand X” setting for CQ StoryHammer tutorials and testing modules.
  • The characters and scenes from Fletcher’s Squad make up references to be used in CQ StoryHammer examples for explaining rules.

Read the story here on CQ StoryHammer or download the pdf.

Up Next for Involution…

StoryHammer developer, Luke Reynolds, is creating a series of “mini-games” to test the core features of the game system. Based in the Involution setting, these mini-games will be available here as they are completed. The first one is slated to be complete by October 2018.