Running Out of Vim

As Vim becomes more scarce, due to hunger, disease, or wounds, your body will need to readjust in order to survive. Eventually, these needs might require so much vim that there is not enough left for the bioform’s Life Support functions, leading to death.


There are ways in which you could be killed instantly. If you suffer more clot damage than you have Vim to absorb, including the Vim remaining in your Life Support, then you will die before the round ends.

For example, a character only has 4 vim remaining available. She is hit by a lethal strike inflicting 16 trauma and is only able to resist 25% of the blow. That means that 75% of the trauma, or 12 Clot, remains but she can only absorb 4, so she dies and is dead before the end of the round.

Note that you can – at any time – move vim from one or more relics to your Life Support. This can even happen after Overkill. This vim can then go directly to Clot as needed. When moving vim from a relic to Life Support, all of the vim must move from that relic – a relic cannot be partially supplied with vim.

Falling Unconscious

If, at the beginning of a round, you are unable to provide more than 1 Vim to Life Support, then your character immediately has the “Unconscious” condition (see “unconscious” in Chapter 6 to learn more). This condition is typically relieved if, at the beginning of a round, you are able to direct 2 or more Vim to Life Support. This can happen due to too much fatigue, clot, or hunger.

Death and the Will-to-Live

If you begin a round and are unable to direct 1 Vim to Life Support, then you die. But before you do, you may make a “Will-to-Live” draw. See Will Actions in Chapter 6 to learn more.