Preparing a Story

Aside from players (and a set of rules), the number one component needed for a CQ StoryHammer game is a “story.” But not just any story will do.

Stories that work best for CQ StoryHammer games are one-sided and plot-driven; that is to say, the plot would unfold the same way regardless of the type of protagonists. Fantasy, horror, magical realism, mystery, science fiction, and western stories are particularly conducive for play – especially if they have a good bit of adventure and/or intrigue mixed in.

Stories can have any length though the longer the story, the more time it will take to complete it. Some stories can be completed in one game session, while others might take years to complete. The minimum amount of time required to complete a story is 3 – 4 hours. This is 3 – 4 hour window is considered a “session”. While some stories can be completed in one session, most stories take multiple sessions to complete.

The stories required for CQ StoryHammer games aren’t just written-out narratives. While there is a fair amount of details involved, it is laid out in a mix of bullet form, outline form, and table form. Since leads direct where the action happens and the approach, it is better to have the infrastructure laid out (with easy-to-find pertinent information) and adapt to the leads’ choices than it is to have large chunks of text that you need to sift through – or worse – never use because the leads decided to take a scene in a completely different direction.

Obtaining a Story

StoryHammer will come with a pre-made story that will double as a tutorial – teaching the rules of the game while taking players on an immersive adventure. In addition, separate adventures will be launched by Cryptiquest, LLC for generic settings as well as stories for Cryptiquest brands like Imbue and Copperwealth (which both utilize the CQ StoryHammer game system).

These official CQ StoryHammer games have all the Scene Dashboards, Setting Profiles, and Character Bios prepared for Narrators. All stories released by Cryptiquest are designed using the same crafting tools that come with the CQ StoryHammer game system. You are also free to use these tools to craft your own stories or convert a pre-existing story to the CQ StoryHammer game system.

The most efficient way to convert a pre-existing story is to recreate the settings, characters, and plots using the crafting tools that come with the CQ StoryHammer game system. This may sound like a lot of work, but this should be faster than crafting from scratch – and you only need to recreate the elements that make sense for your version of the story. You can leave out whole sections or chapters if you so desire. When converting and customizing, there are no hard fast rules.

While looking for a story – whether an official CQ StoryHammer release or one to convert, it’s important to think of what kind of story you wish to play. Are you looking for more of a mysterious clue-finding expedition, harrowing and heroic epic battles, or perhaps an investigation of horrific discovery? Keep this in mind as you glance over stories to ensure to find one that matches your play-style, goals, and interest.