Resolving a Scene

Aside from reading flavor text or explaining how the scene has changed, the Scene Resolution is when any Experience Points or Flashback points are rewarded to Leads. Experience Points For every scene completed, Leads earn 1 experience point. If there are multiple objectives for the scene, players earn an extra 2 experience points per objective. … Read moreResolving a Scene

Navigating Conflict

Overview There are different types of conflict ranging from a simple permission to a straight-forward challenge to a complicated combat. While conflict can be complicated and involved, it doesn’t always have to be. Often a Lead’s decision, such as “peer over the cliff side”, doesn’t require a draw – it is considered a successful action … Read moreNavigating Conflict

Establishing Scenes

Overview Establishing the scene typically involves reading flavor text and allowing for the Lead(s) to learn about (and influence) the scene. In addition, the Leads have an opportunity to spend Flashback Points to alter the scene. Step 1: Present Flavor Text The flavor text – whether scripted or not – is a summary or narrative that typically … Read moreEstablishing Scenes