A Tour of the Vim Tracking Sheet

For tracking your vim, it’s recommended that you use the Vim Tracking Sheet provided here. In addition, you should use counters in the form of coins, washers, or other flat, stackable tokens. You will need about 25 counters. The Max Vim you have is equal to the sum of the scores of your Move, Think, … Read moreA Tour of the Vim Tracking Sheet

Biological Timers

Biological timers reduce Vim over time in order to accommodate the basic needs of the body. The two biological timers are known as Hunger and Fatigue. As time progresses in the game world, the biological timers “tick”, causing vim output to be reduced. The Hunger timer ticks every hour (in-game), moving 1 vim from Life … Read moreBiological Timers

Customizing Traits

Custom sets of traits can be created following three simple rules: Each character sheet within a species has the same list of traits. Those traits can each have a possible score of 0 – 3. Each character has a maximum number of Trait points = (“number of traits” + 1) to distribute. Note that since … Read moreCustomizing Traits

How Vim Works

Vim is generated every turn and is distributed throughout the body to support core life systems and fight diseases. Remaining vim is available for performing actions. Vim cannot be stored from turn to turn so any unused vim disappears in the form of heat. The total amount of vim generated per turn varies depending on … Read moreHow Vim Works