Customizing Traits

Custom sets of traits can be created following three simple rules:

  1. Each character sheet within a species has the same list of traits.
  2. Those traits can each have a possible score of 0 – 3.
  3. Each character has a maximum number of Trait points = (“number of traits” + 1) to distribute.

Note that since each action is assigned to one trait, trait systems can be considered a philosophies for sorting actions.

Example 1: Mermaids
In a world of Mermaids, perhaps the trait system would sort actions based on the hybrid: Fish actions, Human actions, Supernatural actions. These traits might look like the following:

Traits                 Actions
[Aquatic       ⦾⦾⦾]  Swim, Fool Fish
[Human         ⦿⦾⦾]  Use Tools, Fool Sailors
[Super         ⦿⦿⦿]  Song Lure, Transform

Example 2: Elemental Spirits
Maybe your group is playing as Elemental Spirits who are periodically summoned by Warlocks. A system like that might sort actions by origins and targets: Warlock against Enemy, Warlock against Neutral, Warlock against Friend, Self against Warlock, Self Against Others.

[Warlock Commands Against Enemy   ⦿⦿⦾] 
[Warlock Commands Against Neutral ⦿⦾⦾] 
[Warlock Commands Against Friend  ⦾⦾⦾] 
[My Actions Against Others        ⦿⦿⦾] 
[My Actions Against Warlock       ⦿⦾⦾] 

Traits do not necessarily need to be for humanoid characters. The following objects’ traits follow the same rules.

Example 3: Melee Weapons

Traits          Actions                        
[Blade  ⦾⦾⦾]  Slash, Sever
[Blunt  ⦿⦾⦾]  Bludgeon, Knock Down
[Spike  ⦿⦿⦿]  Stab, Pin

Example 3: Go Karts

Traits                   Actions
[Max Speed      ⦿⦿⦿]   Straightaway Gain, Coast
[Handling       ⦾⦾⦾]   Weave, Corner
[Brake          ⦿⦿⦾]   Stop, Slow to safe speed
[Acceleration   ⦾⦾⦾]   Recover, Boost