Hosting a Session

When players come together for a session, the Narrator facilitates the event. No session is the same nor is every group the same: groups will have different styles, goals, and time frames. However, the following agenda is a suggestion based on best practices; consider it a template that can be customized for your needs. Suggested … Read moreHosting a Session

Obtaining a Story

StoryHammer will come with a pre-made story that will double as a tutorial – teaching the rules of the game while taking players on an immersive adventure. In addition, separate adventures will be launched by Cryptiquest, LLC for generic settings as well as stories for Cryptiquest brands like Imbue and Copperwealth (which both utilize the CQ … Read moreObtaining a Story

Overview of Narrating

The main job of the Narrator is to facilitate the game play by narrating the setting and interpreting rules.  But these are not the only jobs as the Narrator is also the host, the researcher, the scheduler, and the rule clarifier. There is a lot of responsibility for the Narrator but there are also tools … Read moreOverview of Narrating


Each time the players get together to make progress in the story.