Micro Time in StoryHammer

Often, time needs to be more concrete in StoryHammer. Particularly during conflict when multiple characters or a time-sensitive objective is involved. During these events, time tracking becomes more nuanced. A scene may contain conflict which may be broken down into a series of rounds. Each round is broken down into speed stage(s).

The Round

A round is a unit of time that represents about 5 – 7 seconds within the story’s world. Rounds only come into play during conflict. During a round, every active character gets a chance to perform an action, which are typically resolved during one of the round’s speed stage(s).

The Speed Stage

Each round is split up into speed stages. Every action a character performs is assigned a speed – which is resolved during one of the designated speed stages. Generally, quick actions are resolved during the quick stage, regular actions are resolved during the regular stage, and slow actions are resolved during the slow stage.  This is explained in more detail in the Ordering Actions section.