Flashback Points

Flashback Points are an in-game currency that can be spent by Lead(s) to alter a scene before conflict.

Leads earn Flashback Points by completing scene objectives. Once a Lead purchases a Flashback, they describe how events in the past led up to the scene change.

For example, the flavor text mentioned that the club you are trying to get into is guarded by three soldiers. By purchasing the “Small

World” Flashback, you could recognize that one of the soldiers lives in your apartment. While this might not immediately get you inside, this could reduce the difficulty to do so.

Flashback Purchases

Impromptu Thinking 5 We blocked the portal with those containers you were talking about – it should buy us at least five rounds if it comes down to it.
Forgotten Consumable 10 Oh that’s right! I found this container of Rolled Chewmeds in the abandoned shed a few scenes ago. I don’t know why I grabbed it, figured it might be useful.
Small World 20 The bouncer at this club looks familiar. Oh, it’s a tenant who lives in my apartment; his name is Moslon and he has a dog, Rumi!
Lore 30 A close friend at my Amalgam Church told me all about this mysterious stranger that’s been introduced in this scene. What was it again about this fellow’s affiliations that he told me?
Training Montage 60 As it so happens, we prepared for just this occasion. We had rock climbing classes for a week leading up to this assignment. It was hard work but we should be skilled enough to overcome this challenge.
Rare Relic 100 I’ve been saving this old relic for just such an emergency. After one use it will disintegrate but at least we could teleport the antagonist out of here.
Mechanism Prepared 120 Good thing we set this gizmo up in advance. We manufactured a sensor at the portal, if anyone came through it they get blasted with a Slumber spell.