Planning Overview

The first step for crafting is to plan. The goal of planning is to identify “plot puzzles” and build out the idea before crafting. Another way to put this: the goal of planning is to research to the point where the story, setting, or other content becomes clear. Or simply put, the goal of planning is to reach clarity: clearly understanding the idea.

The CQ StoryHammer crafting methodology roughly follows the same process regardless of the type of content being created: 1. Define, 2. Ideate, 3. Explore.

  1. Define: Write out the objectives of the content.
  2. Ideate: Write out questions and answers to glean information about the content’s objectives (jot down potential content crafting needs on the side).
  3. Expand: Dig deeper in some idea threads to explore their possibilities.

You can drill down from steps 1 to 3 or back up from steps 3 to 1 as necessary while planning. Once the definition of the content has been clearly defined, once you have clarity, you should be ready to craft the content.