An act is a unit of time that contains one or more scenes, typically resolves a story movement or objective, and is playable in one game session.


Typically the “foe” of the story, an antagonist is any character that is opposing the protagonist(s).

Assigning Difficulty to Actions

The Target Difficulty is a number used to determine how likely an action would succeed under “average” circumstances and the ability/trait would be used to affect such a number. Step 1. Determine Target Difficulty The Narrator will provide this number. Typically, this is generated by predicting how likely a “generic human” would be to succeed at … Read moreAssigning Difficulty to Actions

Calculating Trauma

Actions that intend to inflict trauma or change the condition for another character are considered attacks. Physical strikes, offensive spells, or using relics against an opponent all follow the same flow as any other action though they are typically followed with a Resistance Draw. The attack flow tends to follow this process: Attack Draw Determine … Read moreCalculating Trauma

Character Abilities and Traits

A character’s mind profile refers to the types of actions that she finds easy to perform. The mind profile does not necessarily determine a character’s personality, beliefs, or politics – only the ease of actions. It’s also important to note that just because a character has one mind profile, it doesn’t mean that they are … Read moreCharacter Abilities and Traits

Conceptualizing Characters

Stories made with the CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system are crafted in a way that allows for customized protagonists. A protagonist is created by coming up with a concept and then determining traits and experiences to flesh out that concept. You will choose a concept and mind profile followed by building a resume of experiences … Read moreConceptualizing Characters


A character’s condition refers to their physical form, mental state, emotional state, and/or physical state. Some conditions stay with the character for a certain amount of time while others will stay until some other condition removes it. Most conditions hinder the character but there are some that serve as boons. A character can only have … Read moreConditions