Main Component: The Story

Aside from players (and a set of rules), the number one component needed for a CQ StoryHammer game is a “story.” But not just any story will do. Stories that work best for CQ StoryHammer games are one-sided and plot-driven; that is to say, the plot would unfold the same way regardless of the type of … Read moreMain Component: The Story

Navigating Conflict

Overview There are different types of conflict ranging from a simple permission to a straight-forward challenge to a complicated combat. While conflict can be complicated and involved, it doesn’t always have to be. Often a Lead’s decision, such as “peer over the cliff side”, doesn’t require a draw – it is considered a successful action … Read moreNavigating Conflict

Recovering Vim

As biological needs become more demanding, you will need to take alleviating action or suffer severe consequences from becoming weak, unconscious, or even death. Recovering vim is done in a variety of ways depending on the type of biological need. Hunger is satiated by way of nourishment, Fatigue can be alleviated by way of rest, … Read moreRecovering Vim


How Vim Works A Tour of the Vim Tracking Sheet   Biological Timers Recovering Vim