Basic Prep for a Game

One player will need to be the Narrator in order to play. If you are the Narrator, you will need a story for the Leads (each other player is known as a Lead) to play through. You can write your own story or refer to this website for recommended stories (coming soon). As the Narrator, … Read moreBasic Prep for a Game

General Flow

Games (using the CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system) are played in a series of scenes facilitated by the Narrator. The Narrator sets up a scene by explaining the sights, sounds, characters, and actions that the protagonist(s) would naturally perceive. Control is passed to the Lead(s) who decide how the protagonists will proceed through the scene. … Read moreGeneral Flow

Macro Time in StoryHammer

Units of time in StoryHammer are somewhat abstract. Rather than measuring time by seconds or minutes, time is based off of events. These measurements are like containers that can stretch and shrink to fit the number or mass of the events within. A story contains one or more acts. An act contains one or more scene(s). The Scene … Read moreMacro Time in StoryHammer

Materials Needed

Using Game Materials Cards: Creating Decks StoryHammer requires the use of a regular pack of poker style playing cards. It is highly recommended that there is one pack for each player. Then each pack will need to be broken down into two different decks using the following rules: Probability Deck   Perk Deck

Materials Needed

StoryHammer Rules A Story Protagonist Sheets (1 per player) Vim Tracking Sheets (1 per player) Decks of standard playing cards (1 deck per player) Counters – (about 25 per player) (pennies or washers work best – they should be stackable and no wider than .75” or 20mm) Index Cards or Scrap paper and writing utensils

Micro Time in StoryHammer

Often, time needs to be more concrete in StoryHammer. Particularly during conflict when multiple characters or a time-sensitive objective is involved. During these events, time tracking becomes more nuanced. A scene may contain conflict which may be broken down into a series of rounds. Each round is broken down into speed stage(s). The Round The Speed … Read moreMicro Time in StoryHammer

Moving Through Space and Time

General Flow Time, Space, and Measurement in StoryHammer As a narrative unfolds, time is often stretched or squashed to keep the plot moving. It would be rather dull if it didn’t. Imagine how boring a novel might be if each scene included every moment, explaining in great detail the nothingness that happens. As the protagonist sleeps, for instance, paragraphs … Read moreMoving Through Space and Time

Recommendation for First-Time Players

It is recommended that first time players read the sections within the Game Preparation and Core Concepts chapters as the content within explains the core concepts for games played with the CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system.

StoryHammer Goal

While most games have winners and losers, players of StoryHammer should consider themselves all on the same team, including the Narrator who controls the actions of the antagonists. The goal is to navigate characters through a story. Even in failing the objectives within the story, the narrative continues. In StoryHammer, winning the game is achieved … Read moreStoryHammer Goal