Character Abilities and Traits

A character’s mind profile refers to the types of actions that she finds easy to perform. The mind profile does not necessarily determine a character’s personality, beliefs, or politics – only the ease of actions. It’s also important to note that just because a character has one mind profile, it doesn’t mean that they are … Read moreCharacter Abilities and Traits

Conceptualizing Characters

Stories made with the CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system are crafted in a way that allows for customized protagonists. A protagonist is created by coming up with a concept and then determining traits and experiences to flesh out that concept. You will choose a concept and mind profile followed by building a resume of experiences … Read moreConceptualizing Characters

Crafting Bioforms

In addition to crafting stories and characters, the CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system provides tools for creating custom creatures and monsters, referred to as bioforms. You can use this system to craft specific organisms but the Bioform Crafting System takes it one step further as you craft templates for species, which allow for custom individuals … Read moreCrafting Bioforms