Calculating Trauma

Actions that intend to inflict trauma or change the condition for another character are considered attacks. Physical strikes, offensive spells, or using relics against an opponent all follow the same flow as any other action though they are typically followed with a Resistance Draw. The attack flow tends to follow this process: Attack Draw Determine … Read moreCalculating Trauma


A character’s condition refers to their physical form, mental state, emotional state, and/or physical state. Some conditions stay with the character for a certain amount of time while others will stay until some other condition removes it. Most conditions hinder the character but there are some that serve as boons. A character can only have … Read moreConditions

Resistance and Armor

Modify Base Trauma Some bioforms will be vulnerable or resistant to specific types of trauma – either naturally or through other means (e.g. clothing, relics, spells, etc.). This modification will be listed as a percentage. Apply this percentage to the Base Trauma (rounding down, if needed). For example, the Ashmite is a bioform that is … Read moreResistance and Armor

Running Out of Vim

As Vim becomes more scarce, due to hunger, disease, or wounds, your body will need to readjust in order to survive. Eventually, these needs might require so much vim that there is not enough left for the bioform’s Life Support functions, leading to death. Overkill There are ways in which you could be killed instantly. … Read moreRunning Out of Vim